DVM2106- Migration

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International Development and Globalization
Ruby Dagher

Lecture 17 March-25-14 2:25 PM -watch the democracy video before the April 4th class who are migrants? • You have to be outside your country for at least one year Basic facts -"unauthorized" - don't have migrant papers or are not recognized -33% of these migrants live in the EU and the EU went through a historical economic crisis so you can imagine the hardship they underwent , the lack of support • When a migrant leaves a country for hardship it doesn't mean they always end up in a better place -females represent 50% of migrants • For a lot of these women they don't have an avenue back if they see their families are falling apart - they'd have to go back to poverty • If you live in cultures where women usually take care of the children men haven't been taught to be emotionally responsible for children - this takes time to develop • A lot of these women were kicked out of Spain after the crisis - when you're at the whim of the market sustainability and stability is lacking - Not much to fall back on at home Group work: • Why people migrate? -economic hardship - in search of jobs -leaving conflict -personal reasons- close to family, more opportunities, travel** -student visas - education -natural disasters , climate reasons -people with expired papers -religious freedom -better living conditions -social status -social issues like homophobia Why migrate? -first video: cash flows across borders has led to instability -second video: left war and crime and yet there's still facing this - they must be desperate because as Muslims they know they won't be treated well in Israel • Migrants change the social fabric of a country receiving this migrants especially if it's a huge influx - citizens have
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