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Lecture 4

MUS1301 Lecture 4: lecture 4

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find more resources at Midterm exam!! - 100 marks - 30 marks for listening o Will play 10 excerpts and for each one you get a point for name of composer, title of ▯ork a▯d stylisti▯ period fro▯ ▯hi▯h it’s fro▯ . o Composer just last name spelled properly or full name o Title of work: sometimes the titles are long, it needs to have enough info that he can tell you know o Excerpt of piece will be from beginning, basically know first 30 seconds of each piece o Listening only from dashboard listening tracks!!!!!!!!! - Some questoinss about dashboard music - 10 marks for a long answer question o 10 sentences o Specifically to describe the form of one of four movements that are found in chapter 5 o Be prepared to describe form of Mozart g minor first movement, haydn string quartert in b flat major 3 movement, Mozart grand partita 6 ▯▯▯t, Charles I▯e’s ▯ioli▯ so▯ata nd 2 mvmt . be able to write 10 sentences about form of all these movements. FORM, not just write anything. Structure/form  Prepare for this by writing the 4 paragraphs about the mvmts before the midterm then just remember them!  Expects that what you say about the piece applies specifically to that piece, do▯’t ▯e so ge▯eral. Be spe▯ifi▯ des▯riptio▯s of the for▯ of the pie▯e - 60 marks short answer o Multiple choice and fill in the blanks o From textbook o What he says in class o Reference to some pieces we have talked about in class o True false o Terminology  Movements, ordinary of the mass, the basic timeline of stylistic periods, memorize o Not just from textbook, things from class (singing from a round) Lecture 5  8 tracks, by 8 composers, identify the names of composer, the year, what country o All female composers, written from 2005 to 2009 ----- NOT ON EXAM  1. Morlock: cobalt  2. Higdon: violin concert 3 – fly forward  3. Garrop: mythology symphony 1. Becoming medusa  4. Chin: cello concert 2  5. Saariaho: laterna Magica  6.Gubaidulina: fachwerk  7. Betinis: to the evening star find more resources at find more resources at  8. Fung: piano concerto, dreamscapes Form - Three principles that shape form o Repetition, contrast (introduces the new) , variation (recognizable but different) - Strophic Form o Text based form o Vocal song structure, same melody repeated for each verse AAAA etc o Ex. SCHUBERT WINTERREISE (melody sung twice in identical forms) o No alternation - Modified Strophic Form o Composer changes music for some stanzas, can be used to emphasize textual changes and express text more dramatically o A A A o ab a’ a▯ o Der LindenBaum (also from Winterreise) - Variation Form (theme & variation) o Mostly instrumental music o Theme A repeated bunch of times, and every time it changes a bit
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