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Lecture 11

MUS 1301 Lecture 11: Summary of Works - Modernism

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Genevieve Boucher

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MODERNISM (EARLY 1900s) Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring Genre Ballet Form Free form (Intro Dance) Percussive Orchestra Instruments Intro: bassoon, clarinets, pizzicato violins Dance: strings, woodwinds, brass Texture Varied Mode Polytonality, polychords Meter Polymeter, polyrhythms INTRODUCTION Bassoon: circular theme, high register Other winds enter Flutes: parallel motion Winds: circular theme Ostinato (basses): supports a crescendo Bassoon: circular theme returns o Clarinet: trills DANCE OF THE YOUNG GIRLS (1ST MOVEMENT) Pounding rhythms, dissonant chords French horns trumpets: explosive brass chords Slavic melody (Ostinat
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