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Alyssa Woods

Fill in the blank with word bank about artist with tracks with genres tecniques basic musical Class 5characteristics like tempo beat meter phrasingMay2114Short answer bulled points with examples710 PM10 listeningPsychedelia prograssive rock art rockGenre PsychedeliaGenre that was linekd to the drug scene and hippy culture of the 60s CA and londong UK musical expression of the hallucinogenic experience of LSDCharacteristicsSurreal lyrics and concepts from eastern cultureExpansion of sonic palette limits of the insTheremininstrument used in the beach boys song good vibrations Extended blues based improvisationsPink floyd flamingSurreal lyricstells you a lot about psychodeliaSounds like they experimented with random instruments midwayThe song form it is conventional even tho is trippyThe doors the endEastern influencesreally indicative of Indian influence sytarShifting metersSpoken word sectionThere is audio chaos conflicting rhythmsthe climax of the song Expanding formJimi Hendrix purple haze 60sConnection with hardrockbeat more prominent a bit more fasterWhat makes it psychodelicexperimentation sounds with the guitarlyricsPsychodelic blues blues patterning combined with sonic effects and aesthetics of psychedeliaOctavia pedal useddoublings as you play rather than record multiple tracks Its a type of distortion pedal Reproduces sound an octave hiugher or lower and adds distortion Irreglural phrase lengthsSitar effects in the guitarJimi Hendrix all along the watchtowerExperimentation with guitar sounds wah wah pedal elslie speaker virtusic improvisational stylePsychodel
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