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Alyssa Woods

Missed 40 min of class Check slidesClass 4May1414616 PMGENRE SOUTHERN ROCKA genre o rock that emerged in the Southwen US in the late 60s that borrows from country honky tonk and blues rock specially boogie rhythmsReadResponse to growing development of psychedelic and progressive rockDouble and triple lead guitarsmore than 1 riffFormal expansion and long jams the form of the piece verse verse chorus so this means this genre goes beyond that Jamsimprovisations or that sounds like improvisationBands Allman brothers lynyrd skynyrd ZZ top SantanaInfluenceWhipping postThe allman brothers album whipping post69Rhythm more flexible no time keepingMeterorganization of beats 118 meterirregular meter feels off on edge or that you are missing a beat La Grange ZZ topalbum tres hombresBased on boogie grooveused to talk about the flow of funky rhythm Groove talks about a repeating rhythm Its taking this idea of rhythmic flow that will continue and continueOther instruments can come and lock in but they are in sync with the groovethe same groove keeps playing thoughtout the whole songIn this example the groove is in the acoustic guitarLater on the groove is
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