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Alyssa Woods

SyllabusClass 1Beatles and stonesAlyssa Woods awoodsuottawacaMay0514May 21album review 10526 PMMiterm may 28 20Final paper june 11Cite in chicago or be consistentBefore class Wednesday office hoursIntroMetageenres rockhard rock folk rock psychedelic prog punk metal indieContain sub genre example metaldeath metal heavy metalGenre context cultural social artist socialBeatles and stonesare not classified in genre because their music changes through timeAnalytic templateStyle and genreGenre a way of categorizing cultural convectionsDependent on context and social function of the cultural form Defined by the repetition of certain technical and performative features a given work belongs to a genre if it shares those features and arises from the same contextIs socially and economically constrained A lot of genre are created by the music industryWhat sort of cultural form or spectacle is it who consumes it target audiences help define genre how is it used etcStylethe manner of articulation of musical gesturesMode of expression associated with a given composer or performer or even with a given genre Style is imposed not intrinsicHow is the music expressed structured deliveredForm and lyricsFormthe organization of a work into phrases and sections Sections are related through the use of reeptition variation contrastLyrics are important for form verses offer newlyrics chorus repeatslyricsForm types A
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