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Alyssa Woods

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Class 2May0714537 PMGENRE PSYCHEDELIAA genre that was linked to the drug scene and hippy counterculture in the60s Musical expression of the hallucinogenic experience of LSDCharacteristicsSurreal lyrics and concepts from Easter cultureExpansion of sonic palette limits of the instruments distortion feedback Instruments were played unconventional Expansion of forms toward free form structuresForm is the organization of a work into phrases and sections Moved beyond those conventional song structuresExtended bluesbased improvisationsBeatles context stop touring in 1966 begin work on stgPepper experimentation with technologyTomorrow never knowsThe BeatlesThe main vocal is processes through Leslie speakerVocals are double tracka kind of overdubbing Essentialy is taking the same track and doubling it in order to make it sound thickerForm alternation of 2 basic phrasesPhrase A and B Ab Ab and so on Doesnt follow a conventional AAB form Reverse tape guitar solo Tape loopscan be manipulated Brief segments of tapethat can be used in fragmentsLaughing voice fast electric guitar Ringo starr constant drum pattern compressed drums accents on second half of first and third beatsCompression is a process where the sound signal dymanic range is reduced by a defined ratio You hear the voice as being present and a whisper being audibleyou dont hear the constrast about the 2Accents off beatHarrison hear a drone on tambourinstrument often in Indian music Because is droning you dont hear a lot of harmonic movementIt is pretty static Melodic phrases A phrase and B phrase You hear the differentiation through the vocal line A day in the lifeThe beatlesExpanded form plus expanded instrumental arrangement maracas bongos acpustic guitar bass strings brass etcEchoreflection of soundReverbYou hear the same basic melody but new lyricsPaint it blackRolling stonesPhrasing falling and raising patternMelody doubled by sitarForm no chorus or refrain There is the repetitions of the melodies back and forth Kit drops out major change in the texture Sudden drop of the drum is a big momentOutro tail end of a popular song in pop Outrosimilar purpose as the introBack beat emphasis in 2 and 4beats instead of 1 and 3 conventional wayLyrics about a girls funeralWhich characteristics of phycodelia in this songSitar introconnection to eastern cultureFree form doesnt follow a conventional form most hard rock songs use conventional formdistortion Lecture Notes Page 1
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