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Lecture 5

MUS 2310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Miscarriage, Good Music, Howard Shore

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MUS 2310
Paul A Merkley

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Music Class
Red Violin – dir. François Girard, music by John Corigliano
It is an embedded narrative
In this story, there is an auction for a special violin that resonates well in many ranges
- Violin resurfaced and people are bidding on it
See violin history
Take music for the violin from different times periods and have a composer and
additional interstitial music
- He chooses source music
Melophile = someone who loves music
Auteur = micromanage every aspect of the music
- There is a motific unity if one person composes the whole piece of music
Title sequence is a set piece
- What do you understand from it and why do you think that?
- Listen to the music as it might be a motive
- There was dissonance which means that the plot there will be sadness and conflict
- The notes are overlapping, all the violins are talking to each other, they are alive and
their histories are interlocking
- Violins have souls
Miscarriage part
- Wife is pregnant, she had the servant to a tarot card reading and she predicted a
terrible fate for their son
- He made a beautiful violin for his son so he believes that his son will be a great
- Studio where he makes the violins
- Pay attention to humming
- Red violin enters the scene
- Humming is source music because the lady is making the noise, but he hears it in
this work shop so it might be metadiegetic – she is actually at home but we hear it in
the workshop
- The mother and child are dead
- The purpose of the humming in the shop is that her soul will go into the violin
- Violin has a soul that came from this wife Anna
- This is telling us that her soul as she dies in transferred into the instrument
- Motive in theme will keep the musical score together – it will be incorporate in
- Red because he used her blood to varnish the violin
- The violin gets donated to an orphanage
- Boys get to try the violin
- Different generation of boys similar to Citizen Kane
- Motive is used throughout the whole movie
- The last violin really liked the last little boy
- This took 2 years before principle photography
- The boy plays in front of a man to prove he is good
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