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Lecture 6

MUS 3308 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: The Gourds, The All-American Rejects, Screamo

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MUS 3308
Alyssa Woods

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Genres, Covers, and Authenticity (lecture notes on the second half of the topic)
Pop and rock polarized
- Pop = artifice seen as unoriginal, unserious
- Rock = authentic seen as serious
Authenticity Allan Moore (2002)
He Looks at the way popular music fans and critics were using the word authenticity:
1st person authenticity or the Authenticity of expression measures whether or not the artist is
conveying a certain authenticity to the audience.
2nd person or the Authenticity of experience does the listener relate to the performance; does
the listener feel a sense of authenticity by listening to the music; for e.g. if a listener is going
through a break up at the time and relates to a break up song and uses it as their break up song.
3rd person or the Authenticity of execution has to do with whether or not we feel a particular
performer is being authentic to the tradition of the genre they represent. E.g. people saying some
rappers are now more pop than hip-hop.
Originating moment Looks at how the cover song relates to the original song.
Spectrum of covers:
Original The original song.
Direct copy Copies that are the closest sounding to the original song. Very similar sound (apart
from the vocalist). Not much changes from the original. E.g. Elvis Presley impersonators,
Tribute fans.
Minor interpretation Minor changes to the original.
Major interpretation Major changes to the original.
Parody Covers that mock the original. May change the meaning of the original for mocking or
humour purposes.
Interpreting Cover Songs
Consideration include:
- Genre
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