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David Raynor

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February 3rd, 2014
*Re-read online guide on writing philosophy before starting the take home mid-term.*
Anselm of Canterbury
Death is a birth into eternal life
Slogan – “faith seeking understanding”
An active love of God seeking a deeper knowledge of God
Unless you believe you cannot understand
Do not seek to understand to believe
Wants to prove existence of God to those that are Atheists – he thinks that they are
wrong…and that you cannot actually be an atheist.
Understanding doesn’t replace faith (that wouldn’t be Christian)
Your action should be based upon knowledge
****That then which nothing greater can be thought****
Instead of asking is there God?...
Is there that which nothing greater can be thought?
Surely the “fool” atheist understands what I say… he just denies
Even if he doesn’t understand that it actually exists
You have to understand what it is that you are denying
Discovering a bridge that leads from thought alone to reality.
Can’t think of God not existing
If you have a being that necessarily exists – then that is greater than it just happens to
“super existence”
Entirely by way of TTWNGT (unpacking of God-special formula” and argument of faith
seeking understanding
He thinks that it is such a stronger argument, that there can’t be anything stronger – it
“silences an atheist”
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