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Lecture 20

PHI 4311 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Nationstates, Human Rights Watch

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PHI 4311
Daniel Kofman

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NAGEL – Problems of Global Justice
He’s not sure we live in a just world and what a global justice looks like
Institutions and policies by powerful states
The concept of justice evaluates criminal law to market economy (broad scope)
Standards of governing, conduct of war, human rights, etc.
Intra and inter state
Nagel is interested in socio-economic justice on a world scale
The relation of justice and sovereignty
Equality between citizens and states
Applies to unified nation-states, not personal, non-political choices of individuals
Does consistency require global application?
The sovereign needs to provide an incentive for individuals to work together (set aside
their self-interests)
Hobbes – state of nature to sovereign state
Inequality in the world economy
Roughly 20% live on less than a dollar a day
15% live in “high income” (75$ per day)
What institutions are appropriate? (Nagel thinks many don’t exist)
Humanitarian efforts are a clear disaster
Humanitarianism is important as we owe it to our common man to help meet their
survival needs
But what can be done in the world economy to reduce extreme poverty?
Requires more than mere humanitarian assistance
The causes of inequality between classes of people (on the state level and international
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