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PlatoMetaphysics1Food2ClothingWorld of Forms Perfect3ShelterWorld of sense experience ImperfectSocrates mentions that there can be a Republic Lot of back and forth feverish or luxurious city This relates to our Third definition not as easy as the first 2 desires Our desires are infinite whereas our basic needs are finite Crito The society that executed Socrates was an unjust societySocrates realizes that they will need individuals to stand on guard for the city Republic rd3 definition of justiceJustice is the same Any state from the getgo needs an army in all cities what is advantageous for the Plato through Socrates makes claim established ruleAlways wrong for citizen of state to lie to our rulers however it is alright if the Book 2 rulers lie to the people 1 Intrinsic valueGuardians Understand world of forms 2 Intrinsic value instrumental valueso put in high point of city If a young 3 Instrumental valuechild is capable of understanding the world of forms the state can raise the childPlato placed justice in category 2 has intrinsic and instrumental value Auxiliaries bureaucracy Army police bureaucrats Putting in motion the ideal Majority of people would have put it in the state that comes from the guardians third category Workers Produce thi
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