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RDTH3 TEST IS CUMULATIVE MARCH 11 A word is ambiguous when 1 it has more 2014 than one meaning and 2 it is not obvious which one is intended in a situation in which VAGUENESS AND AMBIGUITYthe word is usedVagueness as FuzzinessFor exampleJoe went to the bank Financial bank or Terms that have blurry boundaries can be riverbankdescribed as fuzzyAn error in reasoning occurs when two Specifically a word or term is vague when distinct meanings of a word are used its meaning is fuzzy blurry or inexactMan is the only rational animalFor instance what if I were to sayI was No woman is a manmaking minimum wage last yearTherefore no woman is rationalIs minimum wage vague Where were you What was min wage last Two different senses of man here human year versus adult maleWhat about the word rich Is it fuzzy or The fallacy of equivocation occurs vaguewhenever a word has one meaning in one premise and another meaning in another Which set of claims is vaguerpremise or the conclusion This switch of senses always invalidates 1 a The trees served to make shade for the argumentthe patiob He served his country proudlyGrammatical Ambiguity2 a Rooney served the church his entire Grammatical ambiguity occurs when 1 a lifesentence has a grammatical structure b Rooneys tennis serve is impossible to allowing it to be understood in more than returnone way and 2 it is not clear from the context which understanding is the intended Also see Vagueness of Quantity or TypeoneConsider this scenarioA sign outside of a nightclub reads Smart is An individual walks into a pub that has the most exclusive club in town everyone dozens of brews on tap When asked what welcome It cant be the most exclusive he would like he responds I would like to club if everyone is welcomeorder some beer Local high school dropouts cut in half Cut How many beers on tap Which beer would body in half or the number of dropouts have he like how muchbeen cut by 50Miners refuse to work after death After a Ambiguitydeath occurred they refuse to work or they refuse to work after they dieWord AmbiguityRelates to the fact that many words have 1Morgan ate the ice cream with relish more than one meaningCondiment or encouraging
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