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Nondeductive Argumentconclusion or do not provide sufficient An argument intended to provide probable information that is relevant for the but not conclusive support for its conclusionconclusionThe premises of a nondeductive argument Are the following arguments successful or are meant to make the conclusion probable unsuccessfulor likelySupport for the conclusion is a matter of 1 There are times when many of us may degreeneed to protect ourselves from intruders Nondeductive arguments can be described Thus we should all keep hand grenades on as successful or unsuccessfulour bedside table Unsuccessful irrationalThree degrees of probability for a 2 Cole has been acting suspiciously for successful nondeductive argumentdays and he told Rachel he was going to steal something valuable We may surmise 1 If the premises of an argument make the that Cole is up to no good Successfulconclusion almost certain then we describe the argument as successful and describe 3 Most undergraduates never take organic the degree of support which the premises chemistry So the chances are that Claude lend the conclusion as close to certaina graduating premed student did not take organic chemistry Unsuccessful premise 2 On the other hand if the premises of an irrelevant to conclusionargument do not render the conclusion close to certain but quite plausible then the 4 King has just received a scholarship to argument is still successful but we play basketball at a major Division I college describe the support which the premises This leads us to believe that King must be a lend the conclusion as very likely a great very athletic young man Unsuccessful deal more likely than notpremise does not adequately support the conclusion3 If the premises of an argument provide some basis for the conclusion but no great Three types of nondeductive argumentssupport then its still successful but we describe the matter of degree upon which 1 Inductive Generalizations Most often the premises support the conclusion as with inductive generalizations we start with being somewhat likely barely more likely premises about individual members of a than not group and reason to conclusions about the group as a wholeAccordingly a successful nondeductive The movement is from the particular to the argument can have premises that make the generalconclusion close to certain very likely or So whenever we begin with observations somewhat likelyabout some member of a group and end with a generalization about all of them its An unsuccessful nondeductive argumentcalled an inductive generalizationIf the degree of support that the premises give the conclusion is little or none at all Examplesthen we describe the argument as being Ive owned 2 Dell computers and both unsuccessfulsucked Im starting to think all Dell computers are crapA nondeductive argument is unsuccessful I got food poisoning the last time I went to when its premises are not relevant to the that restaurant now Im afraid to go conclusion do not adequately support the back
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