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University of Ottawa
David Raynor

Feb 10 Ignorance & fear leads into religion; and later on hope  not a rational source of belief *people believe in God because it is more reasonable to have an emotional connection with him and want a relation with him; rather than trying to believe if he is there or not – unreasonable to say “I believe in God because it is unreasonable/impossible not to” more reasonable to say “because I want to, or I feel his presence” Pg 62 Fav subject: mathematics finds reading about Socrates; stoice, etc contrast: certainly & mere possibility on the other hand Descartes makes no secret at wantin certainty ---  has to do away with the skeptic who says “nothing can be known” rd First 2 and a bit of 3 meditations -- a guide Descartes: imagination Parallel to St.Anslem’s theory (when you try to think of something perfect you try to take away all imperfections – what is perfect to someone, (personal) – may bot be to someone else (personal bias) an island is not perfect in your mind because it does not exist in reality God is something you cannot imagine at all.  Descartes: you can conceive god, but you cannot imagine him  Geometrical shapes: ex: triangle – you can think of one in your mind, but nothing shapes as a triangle physically exists in the world- kind of like God (nothing is exactly triangular either)   existence of mathematics  Descartes wants you to get away from the senses (imagination)  People reject the ontological argument because people never lift their minds from sensible things; people can imagine sensible things like a bedroom, and an island; but people
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