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David Raynor

PHI1104 E January 20 , 2014 Democritus • Greek philosopher and scientist (400 B.C.) • Tried to blend reason and science (to little avail) • No “pull around here” in comparison to Plato and Aristotle • Seen as crazy – his theories were seen to be only made because he was fighting with Parmenides who came up with the opposite ideas • No background info and no way of testing – believed that there is a particle that is the simplest building block of matter “atomos” from the Greek word: “undivided”. All atomos must have size, shape and weight as well. • Thinks that the most important thing to understand is the nature of the world, and all sorts of things will follow from our understanding of that. • The world, as it is in itself, is an infinite number of atoms, booming around, interacting in “the void” • Reality is nothing but atoms and the void. Everything else is built up out of that • Minimalist philosophy Plato Appearance Vs Reality • Appears to be sticks and stones, but it’s really just forms Pythagoreanism Pythagoreanism refers to a Greek religious-philosophical movement that originated with Pythagoras in the sixth century B.C. Although Pythagoreanism in its historical development embraced a wide range of interests in politics, mysticism, music, mathematics and astronomy, the common denominator remained a general adherence among Pythagoreans to the name of the founder and his religious beliefs. Pythagoras taught the immortality and transmigration of the soul (reincarnation) and recommended a way of life that through ascetic practices, dietary rules and
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