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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Hobbes

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Daniel Kofman

Jan. 21, 2014 Hobbes and Contract Theory Recap: Glaucon and Adeimantus: morality by convention – game-strategic rationality Aristotle: Method Examine human nature – “philosophical anthropology” – both factual (anthropos has logos) and politiok (gregarious) and evaluative: the telos of anthropos is to live according to the arête (both moral and intellectual virtues) Then draws conclusions: polis must enable deliberation, preserve/enableALL the diverse goods of life and the good life, and distribute the particular goods of the polis (offices and honors) according toALL the contributions citizens can make. o Harness the struggle for political office and honor o What would Aristotle’s notion of deliberative democracy imply? Is it realistic for modern societies? 1. Hobbes’doctrine: A)Atomism Mechanism Moral subjectivism (relativism) and conventionalism (Gauthier: “morals by agreement” – Glaucon &Adeimantus in Bk. 2 Republic) Instrumental-prudential (strategic) rationality (as opposed to substantive rationality) o Imagining that there is no state o Appetites:Attraction, Aversion, Deliberation, and the Will o Reasons can’t tell you ends, only means ends efficacy o People are naturally repelled by the idea of a violent death – everyone can agree regardless their position on morality (morals by agreement) B) Traditional moral term – emptied of moral c
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