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L18 - Communitarianism II

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Daniel Kofman

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March 27, 2014 Communitarianism 2 categories of Communitarianism critique: 1 socio-metaphysical critique (and Sandel: methodological) -people aren’t just these thin selves that choose themselves – they derive their identities and conceptions of human life from the society they live in – no such thing as the veil of ignorance (impossible) – different culture have different values Reply to Sandel (Kymlicka) – you don’t have to imagine metaphysical selves who don’t know what their perception of the good life or identity. You can look at the thought-experiment as basically setting out which considerations are relevant and which are not. Considerations based on self-interest should not count, but considerations that are abstracted from such self-knowledge are relevant. Justice among citizens, what we think justice is without self-interested motives. 2 policy issues: wanting more communal bonds, solidarity, fraternity Rawls – Theory of Justice is mostly forAmerican society (pluralistic) – captures our values as free and equal people working out justice despite the diversity of metaphysical views • Liberalism and Communitarianism began to come apart in the 1990s •
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