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University of Ottawa
Jon Miller

The essay Artifact Ideas and Political Culture is very questionable about how technology is used and how it affects the worldI feel that technology is a benefit or hazard Its all in how you use it You would have to ask yourself how it would be used in everyday lifePlus would it help or hinder us by changing the economy or environmentIn the essay ArtifactIdeas and Political Culture Langdon Winner proposes a lot of issues in the society He tells the audience about how technology is making use lazeFor example he states that answering machines are used because you either cannot be there to pick answer the phone or to lazy tooAlso some users of the machine feel embarrassed and it shows in their message the record Im sorry I cant be her to answer the phone call Or I am sorry you have to talk to this machine It seems that the user is apologizing for using the machine In another example a woman by the name of Maevon Garrott who worked as a telephone operator for 18 years was fired and was told that she was less efficient than the average worker in process phone calls but Garrott noted that sometimes she spent her time to people who were in distress or lonelyLike single people that get lonely or children that come home from school and see that th
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