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Summary of Id Hammer Out Freedom Technology as Politics and Culture By Richard Sclove Angelia DeGarmoBeale February 3 2011 This article reflects on how technology affects us even when we dont intend it to nor do we want it to This happens in both positive and negative aspects Scloves personal definition of technology uses the analogy of a Hammer as being able to fulfill more than one function A hammer can pound nails but can also extract them He says this analogy is the core of the contemporary view of technology Sclove says that technology is so significant that it basically sets our social structure Our technology is so ingrained in our daily lives that it has changed and continues to change our political climate laws and economic institutions There are many areas where this is evident One area that first comes to mind is social media and cyber bullying Laws are being changed as we speak because of websites such as Facebook where teenagers send threatening and harassing messages to other teens Bullying can now be done in ones own home where just 20 years ago it was usually on school grounds or nearby Sclove writes about Coercive and Subconscious Compliance and how technologies are governed by both physical and political laws It says that basically most of us are careful with technology that could do us bodily harm An example of that would be automobiles MOST people are careful when they are driving their cars to try to avoid causing an accident that would harm them or someone else Subconscious Compliance is how ones environment can shift their social interaction with others In the section that is en
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