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Jon Miller

A Glimpse of things to comeLee M Silver300 years into the future With genetic engineering advancing over the years there will eventually be a divide in populations Between those who are genetically enhanced the GenRich and those who are not GenRichs all carry synthetic genes Genes that were created in the laboratory and did not exist within the human species until twentyfirst century reproductive geneticists began to put them there Genetically enhanced athletes After three hundred years of selection and enhancement these GenRich individuals all have athletic skills that are clearly nonhuman in the traditional sense It would be impossible for any Natural to compete The GenRich scientist the presentday GenRich scientist has accumulated a set of particular synthetic genes that work together with his natural heritage to produce an enhanced scientific mind With the passage of time the genetic distance between Naturals and the GenRich has become greater and greater and now there is little movement up from the Natural to GenRich class GenRich parents can afford to send their children
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