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Jon Miller

Ethics of Global Climate ChangeStephen M GardinerClimate change is fundamentally an ethical issue As such it should be of serious concern to both moral philosophers and humanity at largeIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC hassubmitted three comprehensive reports in 1990 1995 and 2001 The main findings of the most recent are as followsThe global average surface temperature has increased over the 20th century by about 06CThe increase in temperature in the 20th century is likely to have been the largest ofany century during the past 1000 yearsFor other phenomena they say that snow cover and ice extent have decreased global average sea level has risen and ocean heat content has increased They also cite evidence for increases in the amount of precipitation in some regions the frequency of heavy precipitation eventsThe IPCC also tries to predict future climate To do so it uses computer models to simulate a variety of different possible future scenarios incorporating different assumptions about economic growth world population and technological change
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