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University of Ottawa
Dean Lauer

Health Care Models Engineering: Doctor has so many years of experience – so to ask for no bias is a shame. They are wiser and has more information, better judgement because of being so much more informed and skilled – then asked actually not to use all of her background knowledge. People are not facts, not objects as Kant would say they are subjects. To treat someone – if you walked in, announce diagnosis, run through treatment options and walk out the door is to treat someone not as a person, just go through mechanical role of the basics. Almost ignoring there is a subject in there. Contractual: Patient and physician is seen as loose contract. Both parties are not equal here. Vague – not clear of meeting point (overlap) between patient and physician is. What is the dynamic (very unclear in textbook according to prof). Unspoken relationship between patient and physician – patient has role to listen, physician gives advice. Patient needs physician (more vulnerable), physician needs patient (in a lesser sense) Paternalistic: Old school model of healthcare physician takes a parent role and patient doesn’t question patient program. Physician assumes responsibility – because patient doesn’t know much about his/her own physiology and understanding of the body. You can’t educate them with 5 years of medical knowledge to get them to understand. Less than autonomous, it recognizes dependency. (They are specialists in this trait). Physicians may deceive patients if it is in their best interest – not tell them the severity if the full results aren’t in. Little knowledge is dangerous (ex. We found something unusual in the left breast – without sending results to lab for full clarification - gets people worried and fires up their anxiety). So maybe not say anything till results come back. It is a model that is less and less attractive! Covenantal – textbook sees it as the best More ideal – doctor patient relationship is seen as partnership - working together towards health. Doctor is kind of a partner in patients development
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