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 How the author thinks autonomy transforms into informed consent. Would require knowing principles of autonomy and the conditions for informed consent. o Conditions for informed consent involves that the doctor;  Establishes whether the information is understood  Applies no pressure or coercion  Does not lie or withhold any information  Provides sufficient info on diagnosis and prognosis. o Principles of autonomy include;  It’s valuable due to the fact that it facilitates good choice-making.  It allows us choose for ourselves regardless of the type of this choices. NOTE: 1st sentence should have the thesis of ongoing argument.  Feminist critic of informed consent, Susan Sherwin’s critic of informed consent. Knowing what she defines informed consent as and what she describes as the 4 main problems with informed consent. o Susan Sherwin gives four conditions for informed consent:  The patient is deemed to have rational choice.  The choice should be reasonable, given the options.  The patient has been given sufficient information.  Choice is free and uncoerced. o Susan Sherwin’s problem with informed consent are as follows;  The rationality of women and the marginalized is frequently denied. For example, women are seen as emotional beings and when assessing the rationality (competence) of an individual, most of the factors that are found as rationally-limiting would include emotional instability and objectivity which in general women are seen as incapable of. This problem also arises with cases of those in oppresses stereotypes such as racial minorities and non-literates.  The available options may exclude other possibilities the patient might have preferred. The set of options that are supposed to demonstrate the autonomy of the individual may have already been limited based on the paternal preference of the medical professionals. Susan Sherwin states that most of
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