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BIO1130 Lecture 3 September 12, 2013 • Inspite of extreme cultural movement, the medieval era of the 16 century never emphasized the study of the living world – biology. What was believed was viewed through the Christian religion with a 'great chain of being' from God down to the untamed animals. Uses essentialism introduced by Aristotle. Describes the species created as non-changing which were all made or introduced on Oct 23, 4004 BCE.All diversity were all created by some designer of some sort who created the diverse species specifically for the world. Significance is the inclusion of an age for the Earth. • Science, even biological sciences take off in the Byzantium/Islamic Era (781-869). The concept of evolution is introduced in this era, 800 to be exact.Avicenna was the one who started on Biology in this era with immense contributions to the biological discoveries therein.Alhazen (965-1040). Brought about the scientific method using principles of observation, statement questioning, hypothesis creation and testing, analysis of experimental results, interpretation and publication. Ibn-al-Baitar created the pharmacological view of medicinal plants. th th • 16 -18 century was the era of scientific r
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