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Devin Shaw

PHI2396 Lecture 13 October 30, 2013 • Tends to give a point of contrast about what is the value of reproducing. If adoption could replace actual reproduction values, the thought of the technologies involved would be foregone. • To establish the harm principle in reproductive technologies (the Procreative Liberty Argument), we must insert the fact that most of its applications stem from religious principles and that religiously, interference in reproductive autonomy is justified. o i.e. if reproduction proceeds in the ‘usual manner’, the reproductive autonomy would not be interfered with. Hence, the ones that use RTs should not be interfered with. o No harm is been done to the child that results from RTs because it’s a ‘claim’that ‘it is better to exist than not exist’unless substantial harm results from coming into existence.  The problems with this argument include; • The second part of the argument is based on a conceptual mistake. i.e. You cannot argue
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