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2 Chapter 2Definition of Health12012010WHO definition of health p14 Health is a state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmityIt is important Callahan notes to acknowledge that the concept of health is a very general concept on a par with concepts such as truth happiness love good etc Even though the generality of the concept creates difficulties in understanding what stands behind the concept in question it doesnt mean that it is useless or meaningless to try and define such things as good happiness and healthCallahan considers some of the main OBJECTIONS against the WHO definition of health 1Link that the WHO makes between health and peace We do not have any historical evidence that health contributes to peace in any way We have evidence to the contrary the greatest present threats to world peace come in great part from developed countries those which have combated illness and disease most effectively2The WHO definition of health is too vague and way too broad Essentially it links health with happiness This makes the medical profession the gatekeeper for happiness and social wellbeing For example by including social wellbeing under the definition of health we are turning the notion of human happiness which WHO hasnt defined either into a medical problem to be dealt with by scientific meansCallahan sees the suggestion that medicine can ensure social wellbeing happiness as absurd for 4 reasons PANB1Medicine in all its forms has not proven yet that it has but only a very partial grasp on physical and mental ailments and
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