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5 New Reproductive Technologies5022010 Some of the most popular new reproductive technologies NRT in Canada era embryo cryopreservation therapeutic donor insemination epididymal sperm aspiration ovum donor gestational cancer surrogate mothering intrauterine insemination IVF intracytoplasmic sperm injection oocyte freezingAccording to the 2008 reports of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology society there are between 25 and 27 fertility clinics in CanadaIVF In Vitro Fertilization is the most popular method of assisted reproduction The success rate of overall live birth for IVF in Canada according to the 2008 reports of the CFAS is 28 per cycle compared to 26 in 2007IVF procedures are quite costly A complete IVF procedure which includes a sperm wash as well as oocyte freezing etc could cost around 44000 A big portion of the IVF cost is covered under OHIP but there is still expenses that are outofpocket The Ontario government is considering a plan to finance up to 3 cyclesThere are many controversies that surround IVF such as emotional and physical consequences for both mother and child if the IVF has been successful low success rate of IVF procedures which are quite costly and invasive including induced miscarriages in the st1 trimester which are sometimes referred to as abortions the fate of the embryos that are not going to be used for implantation theyre normally discarded but they could be used for research practicing of eugenics through selecting the best embryos for implantationThe problems that Christine Overall in her article Access to In Vitro Fertilization Costs Care and Consent is focusing on concern all reproductive technologies Her c
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