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7 Medical Resource Allocation23022010Resource allocation by Martin McKneally Bernard Dickens Eric Meslin Peter SingerResource allocation is the distribution of goods and services to programs and peopleAccording to the Canada Health Act 1984 all Canadians are entitled to medical services The fundamental principles of the act are comprehensiveness universality accessibility portability and public administration Since the mid 90s however the role of the federal government in the distribution of medical resources is diminishing which leaves the provinces with the decision making how to distribute their resourcesThere are 3 levels or resource allocation macro meso and microallocationMacroallocation of resources is made by governments at the national provincial and municipal levels In macroallocation the question is not so much who should get access to already available resources but rather what resources are available and how they should be supplied The decisionmaking at this level is done by political authorities or their designates with input by health care professionals and the general publicMesoallocation is done by institutions such as hospitals which allocate their resources to cancer or dialyses centers At this level the decisionmaking is done by trustees and administrators in collaboration with health care professionalsMicroallocation is done at the level of the individual Microallocation is the distribution of resources such as treatment a piece of equipment a drug or procedure to an individual in need At this level the decision is made by the physician Traditionally the doctorpatient relationship is understood as the doctor having a paramount duty to
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