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8 Animal Rights Feinbergp9410226022010Joel Feinberg The rights of animals and unborn generationsJoel Feinberg discusses 2 basic ethical conceptsright and interest and applies them to different types of organisms and individuals in order to determine who or what has rights and why which will lead to a better understanding of the concept of rightFeinberg argues that to have a right is to have a claim to something and against someone the recognition of which could be used to protect ones legal rights or ones moral rights in which case we appeal to the enlightened conscienceFeinberg looks at the rights of 7 main groups individual animals vegetables whole species dead persons human vegetables fetuses and future generations1Individual animals there are legal rules against cruelty and meaningless killing of animals but this does not solve the problem whether individual animals have rights or notThe author concludes that what the law reflects is that we have duties regarding animals but not necessarily to animals The reason is that animals are not genuine moral agents which means that animals do not have real rights and duties in the same way that humans have themLet us explore the possibility that animals do not have rights and duties The common reason to deny rights to animals is that they are intellectually incompetent in other words it cannot be reasoned with animals And therefore they cannot claim their own rights by making a motion or appearing in court on their own What is even more animals do not understand whether any of their rights have been viol
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