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9 Animal Liberation Singerp1031070232010Peter Singers argument that animals have rights which should be respected for their own sake goes in a different direction from Feinbergs argument Singer rejects from the very start the claim that intellectual capacity has anything to do with moral equality His argument is that if the difference in IQ was a criterion for moral equality then not only there will be no equality between human and nonhuman animals but there will be no equality between humans as we all have different IQsHowever in the context of human community we think that just because some people are smarter than others does not entitle the smarter ones to exploit the less smart ones So why should we allow humans to exploit nonhumans based on their intellectual capacityThe basis that Peter Singer uses for defining moral equality is that the interests of every being that has interest are to be taken into account and treated equally with the like interests of other beings In other words if a being suffers there can be no moral justification for refusing to take that suffering into consideration and to count it equally with the like suffering In other words the important question that we have to ask is not whether animals can think and understand but whether they can suffer The answer to the question will provide us with the criterion for treating animals as beings morally equal to us Singer argue
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