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Lecture 19

PHI2397 Lecture 19: PHI 2397 Lecture 19

by Bruna
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Hilliard Aronovitch

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PHI 2397 Lecture 19 Discrimination in hiring/promoting; what's wrong? • Discrimination in hiring and firing is against the law o It is morally wrong • Discrimination undermines o "Open market" • If the market is supposed to be open, there should be free & fair competition • If anyone is left out, then there wont be an open market • The open market allows you to get the best people to make the best product o "Equal citizenship" i.e., democracy • If there is no equality in hiring, there should be no equal right for anything else • If one can vote, can be part of the government, they should also be able to get any job with no discrimination • They should be able to function like equal citizens in society • Sometimes discrimination could be seen ok o Like an elderly person passing a driving test • Since there are seen to lose many different reflexes some people discriminate wi thout even thinking about it • This isn't so bad because it is logical • "Discrimination" of concern here o Unequal treatment for an irrelevant/unjustifiable characteristic o This is an unjustified treatment of discrimination Unemployment: A right to a job? • Analysis o Is person A has a right to a job, then some person/institution B must have a duty/obligation to provide it • This can't always be expected for a couple of reasons § Rights vs goals • Goals don’t imply rights • So - full employment is a goal of government; not a right as such • This would push the inflation to increase if we push too far • (Note - "full employment" actually assumes 4%+ unemployment) § If everyone has a right to a job, then who will supply it? • This is a kind of a right that req uire to achieve something • You have to guarantee and give a job to someone • This is not a right that the government can just stay away and not intervene Historical sequence; discrimination and attempted correction • Past often: discrimination by intent, ag ainst race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. o Even though it was wrong, discrimination was more accepted o Employers wouldn't even consider some people because of one characteristic that doesn't affect the job in question • Over time, it became prohi bited by law o Over a long period of time, discrimination became illegal o There are some places where this is still not illegal • Continuing discrimination, especially by effect ("systemic discrimination") o Sometimes people discriminate others without thought
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