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Lecture 20

PHI2397 Lecture 20: PHI 2397 Lecture 20

by Bruna
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University of Ottawa
Hilliard Aronovitch

PHI 2397 Lecture 20 Arguments for and against Affirmative Action/Employment Equity • For o Necessary as corrective. "break the cycle" o Diversity of perspectives/attitudes o Role models for next generation • Against o Unequal opportunity if unjust o Current non-minority perhaps not re sponsible for past discrimination o Less forms/strategies may be "slippery slope" • Conclusion o AA/EE should be remedial, non -permanent Facial Discrimination • "Social science studies have shown that people attribute a wide range of positive characteristics t o those who they find physically attractive." o "Physical appearance can wrap the functioning of ordinarily "objective" evaluations of individuals' work." • To eliminate, perhaps • Telephone interviews, not visual meetings • More weight to documents • Multiple deciders on legal challenges if hiring/promotion discriminates o "Ultimately, as with the eradication of all forms if discriminating, people's attitude must change…" Termination of Employment, Ontario Ministry of Labour • Sources of employee/employe r rights o Law/statutory rights - In Canada, some federal, some provincial o Common Law - Established by courts in cases o Contract with employers - Oral can count • Individual contract, or collective/union contract • Firing an employee o In the US, often "employment at will" - not in Canada • This means, someone can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all • Unless it’s a government job, union, contract, persona contract o In the Canada, there has to be reason • Immediately, for "JUST cause" § There has to be a serious misconduct, wilful disobedience • With a reasonable advanced notice § The amount of time depends on the job level, how the long the employee has been working for the company, their age…. • A compensation is given instead of a reasonable notice • The general moral ideas at basis of law o Right to be treated reasonably, fairly, with due process • As in Kant, in accord with principles § People are not more objects, means to other people's ends o Aligns employment with democratic citizenship • Arbitrary government is opposite of "rule of law" • How not to wrongfully dismiss o A branch manage of a
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