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Philosopher ProfilesSocrates Platos teacherSociety is just if there are rulesInnate justice within allNatural ethics of a dog cares for those close but not for strangers psychological egoism wrongPlato Republic Aristotles teacherSays to keep your word and dont stealSometimes it is right to do wrong virtual ethicsAristotle inegalitarianism differences make equalityCreated EthicsoWhat is the right thing to doJohn Stuart Mill Utilitarian ConsequentialistMisunderstands ACT utilitarianismQuality is better than quantity in terms of happiness unhappy humanhappy pigoHuman dignity where human pleasures have more quality than base animal pleasuresBe a benevolent observer accomplish utilitarianism even if you yourself becomes unhappyEpicurus hedonismThe first hippieSays happiness is the reason for livingo3 things to be happy friends only what you need the ability to thinkBased on the notion of selfinterestJeremy Benthem hedonismPeople are external observersAll living things seek pleasure and avoid pain hedonismAdam Smith The greatest good comes when everyone seek for their selfinterestEmpircist happiness is not an abstract conceptHappiness is an ends all happiness is good but only if it doesnt violate utilarianismDosteovsky utilitarianANY justification is possible as long as the greatestof people are happyoA wealthy miser in a poor area Killed the miser to spread his moneyJohn Rawls egalitilarian nonutilitarian consequentistRULE utilitarianismoTake into account unwritten moral rules such as killing a serial murdererPunishment theory is placedFocussed on justice
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