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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Ottawa
Daniel Kofman

Sept. 26, 2013 iPhone Tech Example 1. The person’s finger is sufficient to unlock the phone(FU) 2. Finger is necessary to unlock the device U F) 3. You can unlock the device if and only if you have the person’s finger Counterexample: Refute the necessity claim – able to unlock the device without the person’s finger (hacker’s claim refutes the necessity claim that the finger is necessary to unlock the device OR Refute the sufficiency claim - sometimes the device won’t unlock using your finger Sufficiency Claims If you say JTB is sufficient for knowledge (JTB  Kn) Counterexample: satisfy conditions and show there is no knowledge - you have a justified true belief, but no knowledge (Gettier examples) Necessity Claims People who uphold the tripartite account of knowledge claim that knowledge necessarily means the belief is true and justified Counterexample: show knowledge without satisfying the conditions - find some knowledge that does not have all three components of JTB Gettier examples: the doctor will cure me, making it to class on time, Evelyn the iguana Goldman’s Refutation – Causal Account -modifies or supplements an account of knowledge as to be immune to Gettier counterexamples. Gettier – beliefs are not satisfied therefore not knowledge. th
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