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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Daniel Kofman

Oct. 3, 2013 -we don’t have to take into account possible world of a skeptical hyperbolic doubt ex: if we say “P is not the case” – we don’t mean “if P is not the case under normal circumstances” *What the subjunctive conditions are essentially saying is that “S’s belief tracks the truth (with respect to P)” – where P could be false and where P could be true, it tracks the truth We not only have knowledge when S believes P is true, but also knowledge by tracking the truth – if the conditions were different, S would still hold that belief – jointly sufficient conditions for knowledge. Nozick – shows how Smith in Gettier’s counterexample (coins and the Ford) does not satisfy Gettier’s conditions. Smith’s beliefs are not tracking the truth. Smith’s belief does not meet either of the subjunctive conditions. Questions on the Midterm -come up with a Gettier counterexample based on facts (make sure the belief is true) -if there’s a false lemma, how would Feldman go about it -how would Goldman’s theory handle the example -how would Dretske’s conclusive reason analysis handle it -how would Nozick’s conditional analysis handle it Ex: Smith believes the person who gets the job will have 10 coins in his pocket. -holds this belief because he was told Jones will get the job -he knows Jones has 10 coins in his pocket -he fails to track his belief (3.3) -you could find a possible world where the man who get the job has 10 coins in his pocket but doesn’t get the job -change the facts in a different world -change the coincidence that would make Gettier’s belief true ex: close possible would where P is false (3.3) same belief and conditions, but Smith has 9 coins in his pocket (and Smith still gets the job) TRACK THE TRUTH INSTEAD OF FLUKE THE TRUTH (like Gettier) Example 3.4 – change the world such that P is true but he doesn’t actually believe P -Jones has 9 coins in his pocket, all conditions are the same -believes the person who gets the job will have 9 coins in their pocket -told Jones will get the job, Jones has
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