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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Nietzsche

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Sonia Sikka

Sept. 23, 2013  Asceticism – we impose deprivation on ourselves – does not serve any greater good -denial/deprivation of pleasure – inflicting harm/want – for no higher purpose -why do people put themselves through hardship knowing it serves no higher purpose ex: biking the Tour de France knowing you won’t win ex: climbing Mt. Everest -exercise power over pleasure – pleasure in the mastery of one’s self  The ascetic will in its capacity to withstand something  Pleasure in the capacity to withstand the knowledge of truths  People’s tendency to believe what they want to believe  Questions the notion of truth and knowledge and morality  Will to truth – p. 33 what is it in us that wants the truth? Why? Not untruth? Ignorance? Ignorance could be beneficial.  Benefits of will to truth – derived from the will to power  Will to power – desire for knowledge  Mastery over one’s environment  Francis Bacon – on idols – striving for a new conception of knowledge -idols of the tribe: idols that apply to the whole human species -idols of the cave: idols which are individualized; arise due to individual idiosyncrasies, the environment, etc. -idols of the marketplace: idols having to do with language – confusion produced by words -idols of the theatre: idols that have to do with false learning; philosophy, theology, and science.  Errors of philosophy which Nietzsche categorizes based on Bacon 1) errors rooted in the nature of the species 2) errors rooted in the desires and character of a given individual 3) errors rooted in anthropomorphic projections 4) errors rooted in language  Reflections of philosophers are more instinctive than belief p. 35 – philosophy based on drives and desires  The world we perceive and the categories we impose on it  Categories arise because they are useful – evolution (plurality vs. singularity, unity vs. multiplicity, etc.)  Maybe what is useful to us is not the truth at all…  Logic and truth as a fiction which we need in order to sustain the species  The truth is not accessible – all our beliefs are based on will to power  Synthetic a prior truth according to Kant (2+2=4)  Nietzsche - Necessary truths for us to go on  Falsification of the world without which we could not survi
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