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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Nietzsche

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Sonia Sikka

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Sept. 25, 2013  Morality – Nietzsche reduces morality down to will to power -there’s no such thing as morality, it’s all will to power -what masquerades as morality  Anthropomorphisms – taking words to mean real things when they don’t  Link between Nietzsche and Francis Bacon and his description of various idols  Nietzsche is not trying to destroy those idols and replace it with his own ideology  Bacon – truth is given by the critical science  Nietzsche – all metaphysical which lay any claims to truth – how things are in themselves – including science  Maudimarie Clarke – “internal realist”  The word that we use to describe objects does not correspond to the thing in itself – we describe things a certain way to suit our purposes  We describe appearance for our purposes, but it doesn’t mean that at a deep level that nature is following laws  Morality is a feature of the subject  Sense perception – starts out his career as a skeptic (BGE) and then progresses through his positivistic period in which he’s more favorable of the senses being closer to truth and that the natural science are more honest and can access the truths of the world more easily than philosophy and morality. He would later on return t
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