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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Foucault

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Sonia Sikka

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Nov. 20, 2013  “What is enlightenment?” (Kant)  Scientific revolution  Rationalism – the age of reason  Rejection of traditional forms of authority – religion  Shed authority for reason  Every person should think for themselves rather than relying on the authority of others or blind traditions  Freedom – from religious and political authority; tradition; to think/self-determination  Science as a source of knowledge against revelation, superstition, etc.  Reason and scientific inquiry  Science and the maturity of self-interpretation (progress) give the Enlightenment a place in history  Problems: Eurocentrism, Whig history (belief that things are always getting better)  Discourse  Previous generations – their own sense of happiness and virtue  Foucault – critic of the enlightenment/modern reason  Who gets to speak the truth about madness/insanity? Who is excluded and why?  Medical
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