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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Heidegger

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University of Ottawa
Sonia Sikka

Oct. 23, 2013 In Being in Time, Heidegger is trying to: -perform an analytic of Dasein – answer the question of the meaning of being -to do so we must look through entities (being  nature) -ask about their being -the entity to start with, myself (Dasein) -the rest of the book is an analysis of the being of Dasein -an analysis of existence – standing away from oneself, striving towards the possible – time, what may be, can be, in the future -lay bare the structure of human existence – the fundamental items of Dasein -the features of existence which Dasein has in contrast to the one’s objects have (being at hand) Categories vs. Existentials -Aristotle developed the first table of categories -categories always approach Dasein as being at hand – the being objects have – categories are only appropriate when applied to things – objects, entities that have presence-at-hand -Categories – come from experience – refer to some region of the world we experience -Aristotle - categories they come from the observation of things – on the basis of properties we assign categories – an examination of things/objects – the way things present themselves to us when we are examining them, contemplating them -Heidegger – when applied to the being we have – human existence as the existence of things/objects -Existentials – to the being of Dasein, existence – name for the fundamental structures of Dasein, rather than properties or catego
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