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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Heidegger

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Sonia Sikka

Oct. 30, 2013  In the world – possibilities of our own being  Emotions are our response to thing that are “out there” in the world  Moods are directed towards things  Explain how we are for the most-part in terms of our concern for the world we live in  Understanding – we have emotion and we understand the world at the same time  Everyday knowing is not theoretical understanding  Disclosedness of for the sake of which in which significance is equiprimordially discloses (bottom of 182)  In the for the sake of which  Tools – what they are for  Our own projection goals gives light meaning to things in the world  We understand things in terms of our human projects  Portrays the significance of what is within the world  Understanding is disclosing that for which the sake of which  Goal = a for the sake of which  The projection of possibilities discloses the significance of things  Dasein is never ‘present-at-hand’  Dasein is not a finished thing, it is always a becoming and is self-aware  The bare self is a projection of possibility of the self  Potentiality-for-being (Seinkonnen)  Existing towards the future – imagining itself as a certain being  What it wants to be, how it wants to live, etc.  We understand the world through our projections/goals  The significance of time  The world in which we exist in terms of our own being  Space & time  Space – place  In light of the existential pr
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