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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Heidegger

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Sonia Sikka

Nov. 13, 2013  Inauthentic being-towards-death  Different kinds of knowing – one knows that one dies but doesn’t accept it as something personal – we look away – don’t allow to penetrate our existence as finite beings  The they – the way death is covered up in our everyday-relations  297 – the they is constantly trying to tranquilize the dying – everything will be ok – rather than face their own death which is impending – alienates an individual from his/her own death  If you live in such a way as to be not genuinely aware of this fact, Dasein deludes itself  Inauthenticity is an existential – basic feature of human existence  Societies foster Inauthenticity in terms of death  Making decisions based on the truth of existence  Death individualizes Dasein – it confront on an individual basis – the idea of no longer being there  Non-relational  Not to be outstripped – Dasein can’t get past out  Dasein exists towards death but does not experience the actual event  Death is Dasein’s uttermost possibility – the possibility of having all possibilities cut off  Authentic being-towards-death  Anticipating death  Running ahead of death in imagination  Authentic grasp of existence – holding death as a constant possibility  Requires a willingness on the part of Dasein (to run ahead to one’s own end) – to face anxiety in the face of death – in the face of being-the-world as something finite  Self-realization which is still possible before death  Dasein only has a finite time to accomplish what it might be  Most of the time Dasein is inauthentic  Authenticity is a state that we win – in the first instance Da
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