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Hilliard Aronovitch

• Secession • Notes on website • In Canada, dealt w/ by constitution. Should it have been? o It is a legal-political issue, in the way Can has tried to deal w/ it o Appropriate? Muddled? • Secession  one portion of a country breaking away from the whole • • CANADA • ’80 Queb. Referendum soundly rejected • Meech Lake & Charlottetown meant to satiate Quebecois desires of autonomy, unique cultural recognition • ’95 Quebec referendum o What must the wording of the question of secession be, to which citizens are answering yes or no? What kind of question should be asked if it carries such profound consequences o Question ended up being very long and convoluted o Also question of how to decide what constitutes a majority  Should Queb independence be decided by 50% +1?  Maybe a supermajority—2/3? • Who should have vote? Seceding area or whole county? o Canada took this issue to SCC. Reference Question—give us a legal opinion on this matter. o Fed gov was concerned that ref question was unclear, did not define majority • Unilateral secession—could a province, only through its internal decision, decide it does not want to be a part of the larger country and thereby break away. o Issues:  National debt  Money Canada put into Quebe
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