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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Sellars

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Patrice Philie

Sept. 16, 2013 Intro: ‘The Logic of ‘Looks’’  Attacking the whole Cartesian tradition – broader than attacking empiricism  He just finished attacking the sense data theory  Now he will attack another version of the Myth - the idea of appearances as a raw given  The concept of inner episodes – thoughts or images (it looks red now) – caused by an input (color), results in an output (a thought about the color) – appearances  Don’t take appearances as givens Another manifestation of the Myth (S10-S11)  ‘Physical object x looks 0 to S’ -appearances is not a given, we impose our will on it (the world)  A relation between an object, a person, and a quality?  Property of being 0 would then be a ‘Given’ The Primacy of Being over Appearances (S12)  “Looking red” vs “Being red” -saying something is red based on its appearance of being red -looking like something presupposes the concept of being something -appearances and the notion of being comes first  The primacy of being red  A somewhat Wittgensteinian approach A problem with the primacy of being  At first blush, Sellars’ thesis is threatened by this ‘truth’: x i
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