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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Rorty on Truth

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University of Ottawa
Patrice Philie

Sept. 30, 2013 DAVIDSON – THE MYTH OF THE SUBJECTIVE Introduction  The concept of the subjective – criticizing the Cartesian conception of the mind (beliefs are immaterial, therefore they cannot correlate directly to the world, which is material)  A myth? Conceptual Relativism  Its link with the subject/object dualism (scheme/content) The Myth of the Given  Its link with the scheme/content dualism  The subject if the home of the scheme. The object is what we mean by content.  Scheme – concepts / Content - Given  The Myth and skepticism about the external world  The Myth and skepticism about other minds  Thoughts of others are private – we don’t have access to them.  So how do we know what others mean, what they are thinking? We derive. The Source of these Dualisms  ‘A concept of the mind with its private states and objects’ -Source of skepticism -Source of idealism -Source of conceptual relativism  Davidson - if we get rid of the concept of the mind, we get rid of the dualisms and the problem THE ANTISUBJECTIVIST ‘ARGUEMTN’ AND PUTNAM’S ARGUMENT Davidson’s antisubjectivist ‘argument’ – version I 1. We learn our first words by being exposed to the world -born with a blank slate 2. All subsequent learning depends on those first words -words describe the world 3. Therefore, the content of the mind depends on the objective 4. Therefore, there is no such thing as a mind with its purely privat
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