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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 - Davidson and Anomalous Monism

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Patrice Philie

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Oct. 31, 2013 1. Introduction Some theories in the philosophy of mind  Dualism  Eliminativism  Reductionist approaches: functionalism, behaviorism, identity theory Davidson’s starting point  The three intuitions  They don’t seem comprehensible  Anomalous monism tries to keep them 2. Theoretical elements to start with Ontological considerations  Substance ontology  Is at the source of a lot of problems  Event ontology  Different kinds of events, but all belong to the same ‘system’ Events and causality  Stating the problem in terms of events:  How can a mental events cause a physical event?  We have to look at the concept of law Principle of the nomological character of causality Where there is causality, there must be laws – events causally related must fall under laws. Stating the problem  According to the principle, there must be laws between physical and mental events (intuition 2)  …that is, psychophysical laws  Other theories presuppose that such laws exist  Davidson: there are no such laws 3. Davidson’s argument against psychophysical laws Introduction  Important: Davidson’s theory is only about propositional attitudes  Let’s go through the argument point by point Mental events and norms of rationali
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