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Lecture 2

2014-09-09 - Introductory Lectures From Rawls to present (Part 1)

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Daniel Kofman

Sept 9Discussion on Rawls Part 1Circumstances of justiceHume scarcity of resources and cooperation fair basis of cooperationUtilitarianism is concerned with the aggregate happiness of goodsThere are circumstances where justice applies Humescarcity of resourcesif there was severe scarcity the question of justice might not arise or may be problematic to applyIn cases of extreme scarcity the circumstances of justice are different cases where you cant save everybodyHumejustice should happen within a scheme of cooperationWhere people are cooperating without a case of scarcityJustice does not arise beyond the bounds of a cooperative schemeContrary to the luck egalitarianism wherever there is a relative disadvantage that did not ensue from the persons choice any non optitive disadvantage ought to be compensated within or without a cooperative scheme Hume disagreesJustice can only happen within a cooperative schemeEx people who are getting by on the bare minimum working every day no medical coverage cannot afford to miss work if they are s
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