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Lecture 3

2014-09-11 - Introductory Lectures From Rawls to present (Part 2)

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Daniel Kofman

Sept 11Discussion on Rawls Part 2Which equalisandum Equality priority or sufficiencyEgalitarianism and PrioritarianismRecapDifferent equalisanda have been defended by different theoristsMost commonWelfare or wellbeingResources some basket of mostly material goods such as income and wealth but also possibly abstract goods such as liberty and selfrespectOpportunitiesCapabilities and functioningsSenNussbaumResource Egalitarianism RERawlsprimary goods prioritarian distribution egalitarianism modified by difference principle as would allegedly be chosen in the Original Position veil of ignoranceNote Rawls diff pr Is not strictly speaking egalitarian but prioritarianDworkinresources distributed by auction among parties bidding with equal purchasing powerJustification of RE Rawls and Dworkin welfare or outcome egalitarianism WE would ignore what people do with their resourcesRawls thinks the difference principle plus resource equalisandum primary goods assigns appropriate responsibility to subjects of justiceUtility vs Justice not the same thingDwoking disagres Justice must be ambitionsensitive endowment insensitiveBrute luck endowment should not result in advantage or disadvantage but ambition or indolence shouldJustification of welfare egalitarianism WE1 The endowmentdeprived eg disabled should receive more resources than others to compensate for disability since what counts is outomce not resourcesDworking presents this argument but ultimately rejects it see below2 More generally what ultimately matters is outcome not resources and best metric of outcome is welfare
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