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Lecture 6

PLN 2102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Warsaw Uprising, Claustrophobia, Authorial Intent

Course Code
PLN 2102
Richard Sokoloski

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KANAL: CONTENT 700 words FORM 700 words
Warsaw uprising
Sound: only certain scenes
with splashing water, but
other than that no sound
Based on true events, buts it’s a work of
fiction after the fact
Use of camera Neo
realistic style
Claustrophobic, dragging on, they don’t
make it out of the sewers
o Camera is the eye
o Placement of the camera
In your face
o Lighting the dark is used to
mask how filthy they are, then
they come out into the light
and we see what they’ve been
A place with no light, so
they import lighting into
the film
The light is coming from
underneath, from
flashlights in hands
Distorts the face, sinister
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