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Lecture 1

POL 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Statesman (Dialogue), Rational Basis Review, Aristocracy

Political Science
Course Code
POL 1101
Wolfgang Koerner

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14/09/16 - POL 1101 - Lecture 1
What is Politics/ Origins/ Where did it start?
300-400 BC - cultural flourish - Greece
Greeks were competitive, cultured, independent, individualistic
War minded, Hierarchical, Non accepting of outsiders
No such thing as naturalized citizenship - no outsiders
Aristotle, never able to vote
CT developed, believe in reason - rationalizing natural/ social world
For greeks polisci was all encompassing
Everything that mattered to them took place in the public realm
Agora: marketplace - where everything took place
Private life was private
Had a marginal, agricultural economy
Everything important to the Greeks was under the study of politics
Comprehensive understanding through reason of the nature of the indv, + society
Also intent to find the best form of socio political organization
Had circular view of history
Believed that if you knew the principles in which to ground stability you could stave off
1st to examine political life objectively + politically
Prior to this life of civilizations was justified by myth + tradition
These societies did not have the critical political thinking for which the greeks are
Greeks = founders of western poli org
Greeks rejected vespitism - believed in persuasion
Idea = accept rule, but in turn you also had the opportunity to rule
Most important precept - came to form basic
Cologated phenomenon **
Greeks = first to delineate notion of class, division of power
Plato understood that if you have too much of a concentration of wealth in society
the society would decline
Poli life became to be described as one type of Collocated phenomenon
One could abstract relations b/w individuals and examine them on their own
Actions b/w men
And b/w men and environment
Gods were no longer of importance
Find with greeks
Freedom is absence from tyrannical rule
Rule of law becomes important
Req rational reflection + understanding of how laws function, + affects
that laws have on society, quality of society is affected by its laws
Rule of reason, replaces superstition
Don't have domination over mind of indv by ancient greeks
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